Every Friday at 5pm GMT on DLIVE
Every Friday at 5pm GMT on DLIVE

I am Greyson Arnold

President Trump was the beginning of my passion for politics and fighting for America. Putting me on a path very few dare to take, leading to great rewards and loyal friends beyond measure.

Creating media began while working in Beijing for a CCP technology company (When I talk about China and Chinese influence in America, I tend to be the expert in the room). I started an official foreign media company named International Panda. Because of the cutting edge topical content and my refusal to self censor, International Panda quickly entered the top 10 most popular English language official accounts inside China.

In conjunction Pure Politics was birthed as a political debate group, quickly rising to become an infamous bastion of free speech. Strict and exclusive membership kept the debate group functioning and out of the Chinese censors purview, leading to me being approached both online and in real life by expatriates begging to join.

International Panda, the Pure Politics debate group, and even myself were the targets of multiple failed ban campaigns, death threats, slanderous lies, and doxxing by leftists within China. They all failed and I single handedly changed the entire culture of conservative expatriates in China to become extremely fierce against the looney left online. When one can weather the storm, standing strong in their convictions like an unmovable rock, those who complied to avoid denigration tend to join behind that leadership.

I finally returned to America in February 2020 because of the China Virus and the opportunity to meet with the Trump administration. Over the following years Pure Politics evolved into a nationwide media organization with volunteers in every state of the union. Covering events in nearly every major city, as BLM terrorists burned them down, as Antifa rioters murdered Americans in the streets, and when the American people themselves said they had enough of it all on January 6th. I was there and Pure Politics volunteers were there to report the real news rather than the propaganda from legacy media outlets.

As the effectiveness of my organizing, media reach, and leadership increased, so did the mainstream media attacks. Because of my love for America and support of the true President of the United States of America, President Trump, I have been libeled and slandered. Everything from the satanic leftwing anti Christian ADL to fake news CNN have thrown impotent temper tantrums.

Pure Politics is unapologetically pro-America and pro-Christian. Our goal is to spread true American values, to report on events ignored by the mainstream media, and work with great American Patriots to make America great again.