I am American Greyson

While working in China for a technology company I started an official foreign media company named International Panda, where I would write anything I wanted. Because of the content and my refusal to self censor, International Panda quickly entered the top 10 most popular English Language accounts inside China. Out of this Pure Politics was birthed as a political debate group, quickly rising to become an infamous bastion of free speech.

International Panda and my debate groups had been the target of multiple failed ban campaigns, threats, and doxxing by leftists in China.

After many years in China I returned to America in February 2020 due to the China Virus. When I began publishing my articles through LinkedIn and sharing through Facebook I encountered a level of censorship not known even within Communist China. What started out as a hobby to share my thoughts and observations while in China turned into a crusade for free speech here in my fatherland with Pure Politics.

Pure Politics is unapologetically pro-America and pro-Christian. Our goal is to spread true American values, to report on events ignored by the mainstream media, and work with great American Patriots.